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​The Guys




Rob has surrounded himself with music from a very young age. He started playing the piano and trumpet as a child and graduated with a music degree from The University of Delaware. 


Rob has honed his craft with the group and is always trying to become the consummate entertainer.  As the guy with a soaring falsetto, he loves the opportunity to try to capture the essence of Frankie Valli's voice. Rob enjoys working within the "business of music" and learning all he can from those that came before him.  He maintains a deep respect for all artists, and hopes to make his mark in the world of music.


He would like to thank his family for their unwavering support and help to make his dreams come true!



Daniel has been in love with music ever since he first picked up a recorder and fumbled through “Hot Cross Buns” in the 3rd grade.  From that point he went on to become an accomplished clarinetist and saxophonist, studying classical clarinet and jazz saxophone at the University of Delaware.  He never considered himself much of a singer until he was forced into the high school choir (which was, at the time, in dire need of male members), and even then it took a far back burner to the more practical classical clarinet pursuits, and the teenaged pipe dream of someday becoming a rock star.  Daniel’s biggest musical influences are probably the 80’s hair band greats like Def Leppard and Bon Jovi; and he did his best to follow their lead in those days, forming his own garage rock band and dabbling in electric guitar and songwriting.  Since then he has added piano to his musical arsenal and amassed a prolific portfolio of original pop/rock compositions.  Once he and his friends formed Lights Out in their freshman year of college, however, it didn’t take long for the foursome’s vocal stylings to take center stage and relegate all other musical pursuits to the category of “back up plan”.  In addition to music, Daniel has a deep appreciation for dance and penchant for acting.  He enjoyed acting in various high school musical productions, and studied a bit of ballroom dance throughout college.  The current incarnation of Lights Out’s production, a fully choreographed stage show of singing and dancing with a sprinkling of comedic acting, is the perfect expression of this stage of Daniel’s own personal musical evolution.


Fun fact:  Before every show, Daniel has a very serious ritual whereby he sequesters himself from the rest of the group, pops on some earbuds, and floods his soul with the sweet sounds of Taylor Swift to get pumped for the impending performance…it hasn’t failed him yet!

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Ron is proud to be a part of this very talented group of performers. Ron is no stranger to the stage as he grew up performing in high school and college. Ron is a graduate of American Musical and Dramatic Academy and continues to strive to a career on the stage in the future.  Some of Ron’s most memorable roles are, “Chauvelin”, in the “Scarlets Pimpernel”, “Kenickie” in “Grease”, “ Javert” in “Les Miserables”, and “Mr. Bratt” in “How to Succeed in Business” at The Rhino Theatre in Pompton Lakes. He has also been part of multiple cabaret type shows such as Golden Oldies, with hit songs from the  50's, 60's, 70's and 80's also at the Rhino. Ron is excited to be a part of Lights Out and looks forward to performing for all of the great people around the country!

Chris is the bass voice of Lights Out and is proud to provide the lowest note in each chord the group sings.  He is very thankful for his family and friends  - for the tremendous support they continue to give.   

Chris is known to be active in multiple areas of the music business as a composer and producer.  He recently composed the music (with co-composer Shaun Taylor-Corbett) for a world premiere stage musical entitled “Distant Thunder” - which is currently in production at regional theaters across the country.  Chris’s original music is regularly heard on many network, cable and streaming television programs in association with an ongoing publishing agreement for television music production.  He is a voting member of both the Grammys and the Emmys and frequently participates in advocacy groups for music creator rights. 

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